The Fall Must Have That Works All Year Long

The Bomber Jacket has made its return ladies! 

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The weather has been all over the place lately, but I still love it. This is my kind of weather. If you know anything about me, you know that I run reallly, REALLY hot. So any time there's a chilly day on the horizon, you better believe, I'm loving it. That's why I love Fall. There's a crisp breeze in the air, but you don't need to dig out your winter coat just yet.

I spent the day catching up with my best friend, Fatima. It's crazy how busy life gets, but it's important to set aside time for the people you care about. We live about 30 minutes from each other now, but grew up together in Hamilton. I absolutely love spending the day with her, catching each other up on our lives and watching mindless television in comfortable silence. Sometimes you just need your best friend to vent to, or to share a good, belly hurting laugh with, am I right?

While the weather was quite wet and foggy, we made the most of it. It was the perfect dreary backdrop for this Fall inspired, colourful look. And with celebs like Kanye repping the bomber jacket look and bringing it to popularity, almost everyone I know has their eyes on this great new outerwear staple as the weather gets cooler. According to Google, searches for the look went up by over 600 percent in the U.S. in 2016. 

Now, while I'm not the biggest fan of Ye, I am absolutely loving this look. It's a great piece that has broken out of its utilitarian routes and can be seen in an array of colours and styles. The bejewelled look is especially attention grabbing. Keep it classy by pairing it with skinny jeans and a great boot, or keep it casual with harem pants and a plain tee with those trusty Ugg style boots. You know you're already pulling yours out from the back of the closet. Regardless of how you decide to style this look, it will be the perfect fashion essential for Fall. The best part is that this can transition into almost every other season as well. Make sure you grab one today! I got mine at Forever 21. Their plus size selections are always changing, but you'd be surprised at what you can find in that corner of the store. You can find links to shop this look below. 

I kept the look modest and transitional by adding a floral print skater dress over plum skinny jeans. I think the floral dress really gives it a great feminine touch. In fact, that's why I love it. It just show's how you can take any look and make it work based on what you like. The blush colored jacket really complements the colours in the dress and is really balanced by the blush crepe hijab I recently purchased from 

What's your opinion of the rise of the new classic? Let me know in the comments below. 

Outfit details:

Remember ladies, always celebrate your curves and satisfy your cravings,

(P.S. Scroll down for even more pics of this look!)

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