Do You Know What My Ideal Dinner Is? Check out the Hungry Elephant Version Right Here!

I legit love cooking. I always experiment with different flavours and believe that cheese can make everything better. I was recently interviewed by the Hungry Elephant and of course chose lasagna as my ideal dinner! How can you go wrong with ooey, gooey, cheesy goodness? Do you want to make your own delicious lasagna? Check out the Hungry Elephant's recipe below. Don't forget to subscribe while you're watching so that you will always have great meal ideas that are super easy to make. 

Not only is this lasagna recipe super easy, but the varieties are endless. In this meal, The Hungry Elephant used turkey, hot peppers, and TONS of cheese, but you can always switch it out for chicken, mushrooms and still use tons of cheese! (Obviously) Highly recommended for a dinner party or even to make and take for lunch! It's better the next day, trust me!

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