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I'm Siddeeqah, a curvy, modest woman with a craving for great clothes. When I turned 28, I made a renewed intention to love my body right now. I would honour it and enjoy it, regardless of my size. I asked myself, why do you keep waiting to drop 20 pounds to buy that gorgeous dress you just walked by?! Life is too short. What I want you to know is that you're beautiful right now - whether your goal is to lose weight or not - and your body deserves to be enrobed in clothing that makes you look and feel good. You can do it, and it can be affordable and modest too. 

I started this blog, because I saw the rise of the modest fashion blogger on social media. They made dressing fashionable look fun, cool and most importantly modest. They inspired many women to express their creativity while maintaining their modesty. However, among these fashionistas, I couldn't find many that were curvy (or: plus-sized, chubby, fat, big boned, insert other descriptive here). Especially not one that wore the hijab, the way I do. It wasn't really being catered to and I wanted to change that. So that women of all sizes would know that they're not alone. That we can all feel great together.

While you'll usually find me opting for comfort when it comes to clothes (nothing better than slipping into my fav pjs after a long day), I love to use clothes as a form of self expression. This blog will be a commitment to myself, to remember to put myself first and to enjoy getting dressed up, and to you, so that you can find outfit and life inspiration all year long. I can't wait to bounce ideas around with you all. 

Feel free to browse around and make sure to subscribe below, if you're craving modest plus size fashion looks, body positivity and all round fun.

And remember to always celebrate your curves and satisfy your cravings.